Ender-3 S1 Pro

  • Up to 300℃ high-temp printing support multiple filaments
  • “Sprite” full-metal dual-gear direct extruder 80N extrusion force for smooth feeding
  • CR-touch automatic leveling accurate and efficient
  • 4.3-inch LCD, brand new UI, easy to use
  • 96% pre-installed six-step assembly

Creality Sonic Pad

A 3D Prinitng Pad based on Klipper.

Speed up printing process while keeping the print quality.

Micro Swiss NG™ Direct Drive Extruder

his extruder overcomes the shortcomings of all current counterparts on the market,
to create an optimal printing experience for everyone.

3D Printing Service

Having an idea? We can help you 3D print it.

Sunlu Fila Dryer S2

Dry more types of material.

Dry Filament Help Improve Printing Quality.

3D print your parts is simple

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Scam Alert

Scam Alert

IMPORTANT. Please take note! We noticed there are many scam store in Lazada using our product photos. These are what we found out and some customer feedback to us. There maybe other scam store out there in Lazada. We've reported to Lazada but no action taken yet....

Price Adjustment Coming Soon

Price Adjustment Coming Soon

In our very recent purchase from Creality, some products price increased, from 10% to some items drastically increase more than 100%. Over last 2 years, seme items price had been increased few times, plus the shipping fee and other cost,  We will still keep the same...

Filament We Carrying

Filament We Carrying

Many of you should have using this "No brand" filament for your 3D printed parts. These PLA are produce by a China manufacturer which only selling bulk order to reseller or distributor like us. At the year 2020 2nd quarter, some colour PLA of this manufacturer is...

New Filaments In Stock

New Filaments In Stock

We would like to anounce new filaments from another manufacturer already added to the stock. Reason All the while the quality of the filaments are very good. Since June, we notice there were feedback on the PLA quality on few colours, so we checked with the...

Printing Profile

Printing Profile

Simplify 3D Slicer version: 4.1.2 Our print profile is modified based on the one created by Chris Elkins. If you are using other slicer may also use this as a reference to tweak on your setting.Ender 3 / Ender 3 Pro / Ender 4 (uploaded at 2020-07-07) CR10 and CR10S...



Just come across this slicer Ideamaker by Raise3D. Haven't really use it to print anything yet. By having a quick glance, the interface looks slightly similar to Simplify 3D. https://www.raise3d.com/ideamaker/ We use Simplify 3D instead of cura, because we like the...

5 Channel Power Amplifier

5 Channel Power Amplifier

We have introduced a DAC done by one of our customer, this is the amplifier that pair with it. The back-lit effect of the old school window grill that casted on the surface is sweet. This is what the designer spoken to me: "From 3D model to Final Product is the most...

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