Installation of 3D Printer and Modification Service


Installation or modification service for one unit.

Cost not inclusive additional add on part(s) and 3D printed parts such as fan duct, direct drive holder etc.

We will let you know if it require any additional cost.

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If you have don't confidence to assemble your Creality 3D Printer, we can help you with that. We still suggest you to assemble on your own to get familiarize the 3D printer, as and when you may still need to replace parts or tweak the printer, it'll be much cost and time effective if you know how to fix it.

You'll have to bring your 3D printer to our office if it's not a new order from us, it may take at least 2 or 3 days for us to work on it.

Assemble 3D printer and upgrade part(s)
If you commission us to assemble the 3D printer and upgrade part(s), we will do a small test run after assembly, make sure it is ready to use before you bring it home.
There will be 30 days warranty, if you noticed there is issue on the installation such as Z ripple, nozzle leaking etc, just bring back the 3D printer to us we will fix it for you without charges.

Just assemble upgrade part(s)
If you just commission us to install the upgrade parts without the 3D Printer, we will may not do test print, but just test and make sure the upgrade parts works properly, 1 week warranty if the assembled upgrade part is having issue, such as nozzle leaking, fan not working etc.

Here's the link if you need diagnose and repair your 3D printer.

Only Creality 3D Printers and machines that selling at our website at the moment.

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