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Chun CNY Ornament (Square)

If you don’t have 3D printers, and you also want to have this “春” ornament, you can purchase from us. Do note that this will be a make to order products.

Size: 8 x 8 x 3mm
Layer height: 200 micron
Infill: 20%
Material: PLA

This “春” ornament is design by Build It Full for Chinese New Year decoration, you can hang it on the Chinese New Year lucky Plants, or use it as a decoration that hang on the present or bags.

It is design to be printed flat with movable parts, you can twist 2 of the parts after printed to make it look 3 dimension.

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CR-10S Z height 200µ
CR-10S Z height 100µ
CR-10S Z height 100µ
CR-10 S5 z height 200µ
CR-10S Z height 200µ
SLA Resin
SLS prinitng
Due to natural of FDM printing, the result will not transparent as expected.

You may want to check out the printing parts for the Colour of material.

PLA - Colour
PLA - Translucent
Resin - Opaque
Resin - Trans
White Nylon
  • FDM
    • 200µ Layer height
    • 100µ Layer height
    • 50µ Layer height
    • 200µ (for big part, colour option limit at B/W series)
  • FDM - TPU
    • 200µ Layer height (TPU)
  • SLA
    • SLA Resin
  • SLS
    • SLS
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Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 8 cm