Chun the CNY ornament

Chinese New Year Ornament - Chun We've created 2 design of the character "春" for simple CNY ornament for those who needed last minute decoration. Hope you like it. Wish you a Happy Chinese New Year~You can download this file at:...

Automated calculating system

Now you can upload your files and get quote instantly at our website.Layer height, colour and infill options can choose before you place the order. Get Quote...

Happy Chinese New Year

旺旺~ Happy Chinese new year! Build It Full will be closed for holidays from 14th Feb and back on 20th Feb. Filament: Copper colour PLA 3D printer: Creality Ender 4 3D model by FLOWALISTIK [adrotate...

ESun PETG test

Test print on the Esun PETG filament with our Mix&Match Ring. As an ABS alternative, PETG is tough and flexible like ABS but more stable, lesser shrinkage and can print sharp edges as PLA but not as brittle, there is no irritating fumes while printing....

Fixing with 3D print part

Fixing discontinue Ikea hanging stand's plastic parts with 3D print. 2 x M6 nut, model the part in sketchup, use back the original M6 screws. Just take a little bit of your time, it can be used for another few more years, why replace when you can repair...

ESun flexible filament test

Printed my flying elephant with eSun flexible filament like normal PLA temperature 190-220c. No heating plate required. Shrinkage very obvious, although it's a flexible filament, if you keep pressing the part it may broken after awhile. [adrotate...


Printed with bronze filament Left without polish, right after unskilled polish from myself. [adrotate banner="5"]


Pawn piece form my robot chess. Printer in red PLA and white ABS. I'll prefer PLA with the better print result on most my model and it smell nicer too. [adrotate banner="5"]


Valentine come early~ 2 of the hearts just found each other during printing process~ [adrotate banner="5"]

12cm tall figurine

Printed a 12cm tall low poly figurine with Flashforge Dreamer without support in 100 micron. Only the right elbow got a little overhang problem. Contact us if you need a 3D printing services. [adrotate banner="5"]


Birthday present from my wife, printing her figurine with it now. [adrotate banner="5"]