Elegoo Neptune 4 Pro

Klipper Enabled High Speed 3D Printer Coming Soon


ELEGOO Mars 3 Pro

MSLA 4k Mono LCD

Micro Swiss NG™ Direct Drive Extruder

This extruder overcomes the shortcomings of all current counterparts on the market,
to create an optimal printing experience for everyone.

Sunlu Fila Dryer S2

Dry more types of material.

Dry Filament Help Improve Printing Quality.

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Elegoo Mars 3 Pro

4k MSLA Mono LCD

Spider V3 Hotend Pro

High temperature and high flow hotend pro.
Higher temperature resistant and faster speed.

Micro Swiss NG™ Direct Drive Extruder

With the Bevel Gear design,
we are able to achieve the industry shortest filament path (less than 41mm).
The unique motor placement allows for highly compact, low overhang design.
This further increases system rigidity.
Made in USA by Micro Swiss

SUNLU FilaDryer S2

Dry filament is one of the factor to better print quality
360° all-round heating
Upto 70°c heating temperature

Belt, Tensioner, Motor and Pulley

Lead Screw and Nut

Frame, Structure or Mount

Control Board and Screen