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New Filaments In Stock

New Filaments In Stock

We would like to anounce new filaments from another manufacturer already added to the stock. Reason All the while the quality of the filaments are very good. Since June, we notice there were feedback on the PLA quality on few colours, so we checked with the...

Printing Profile

Printing Profile

Simplify 3D Slicer version: 4.1.2 Our print profile is modified based on the one created by Chris Elkins. If you are using other slicer may also use this as a reference to tweak on your setting.Ender 3 / Ender 3 Pro / Ender 4 (uploaded at 2020-07-07) CR10 and CR10S...



Just come across this slicer Ideamaker by Raise3D. Haven't really use it to print anything yet. By having a quick glance, the interface looks slightly similar to Simplify 3D. https://www.raise3d.com/ideamaker/ We use Simplify 3D instead of cura, because we like the...

5 Channel Power Amplifier

5 Channel Power Amplifier

We have introduced a DAC done by one of our customer, this is the amplifier that pair with it. The back-lit effect of the old school window grill that casted on the surface is sweet. This is what the designer spoken to me: "From 3D model to Final Product is the most...

Fab 365 Printable 3D model

Fab 365 Printable 3D model

Found out a very well design 3D printed toy. If you own a 3D printer and like the retro robot, don't miss this cute foldable retro robot series. Support the designer https://fab365.net/

Removing double sided tape on build platform

Removing double sided tape on build platform

Before replacing printing sheet for your 3D printer, you will need to peel off the old printing sheet, remember to remove all the residue double sided tape on the build platform before applying the new one. It is important to have a clean build platform, if you...

DAC by The Leather Mallet

DAC by The Leather Mallet

A GLIMPSE OF THE MUSICAL DAC We are glad to share a beautiful DAC (Musical Digital to Analogue Converter). It's design and made by one of our customers The Leather Mallet. We have the honor in this project by supporting all the 3D printed parts. Please visit their...

What modification have we done to our printers?

What modification have we done to our printers?

No doubt the Creality printer is having good review from users, some modification may still needed. We modified our own Creality printers, usually will go for the least to print and easier modification solution. Some customers asking what have we modified and where to...

What our customers say:

We went to Build It Full to print a connecting joint for our prototype. The help and service rendered was impeccable. We weren’t sure which materials to work with to achieve the desired result. Wei Loon (boss) kindly did the 3D model on the spot and did few test prints for free with two different machines to show us the results before accurately advising on the best material to 3D print our connecting joint. Highly recommended company for those who are not exactly familiar with 3D printing.


Co-Founder, Here Tech

I tried out a few companies to prototype my product. I think Build it full provides a really good print and at a great price point. Good location for pick up at Bugis and great service. I’m hesitant to recommend to people fearing that if more people know of this hidden gem, the print queue will become too long. Haha.

Tan Pang Ren

Loon from Build It Full is really friendly and accommodating. When i came down for my first print with them he tirelessly explained to me in detail about all the materials available and provided samples. Product-wise their prints are of really good quality and detail, and provide hard-to-access materials compared to other 3d print stores in Singapore at reasonable price. Printed my Fangs bracelets with them and will continue printing jewelery and experimenting 3d printing with them in future.


fang_gold_product01 fang_gold_product02 fang_black_product01 fang_black_product02

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