FAQ Shipping

Singapore local shipping

Q: How long will it take to ship my order?

A: Normal door to door delivery usually will take 2 to 4 working days after your order is completed. Please also note that shipping companies are close on weekend and public holiday. We will arrange once the order is completed.

Q: Why don't send with normal mail service?

A: 3D printed parts can be fragile, it’s better to handle properly instead of throwing it into the mail box, record provided by door-to-door delivery also a consideration.

Q: How come the order status become completed before I received the order?

A: The status will be changed to “Shipping arranged” when we arranged the shipping company to pickup, once the order is pickup by the shipping company, the status will be changed to completed.

Q: Where can I check my shipping status?

A: You can login and go to “My Account” page, You wil able to check all your order status on “My Orders” tab on the left side bar.

Q: Why can't I track the shipment?

1) You don’t see the tracking button.
It could be your order just being arranged for shipping, but the shipping company has yet to pickup the parcel.

2) You are able to click on the tracking button and redirected to the shipping company site, but it doesn’t show any information.
This could be due to the parcel was picked up but haven’t reach their warehouse. Once it is registered into their system, you will able to track it.

Please allow some time to the shipping companies to update the status, if you don’t receive your order after 4 days, please contact us.

Q: How come my order is not delivered within 4 days?

A: Most shipping company don’t work at weekend and public holiday. We will arrange the delivery once the order is completed. However shipping company will have their daily cutoff time for pickup. Some time, especially during the peak season, shipping companies may delay due to too many orders.

Kindly note that Build It Full Pte Ltd do not responsible for the delay caused by the shipping companies.