FAQ Payment

Q: What currency is the website in?

A: We are a Singapore based company, all price shown on the website are in Singapore Dollar.

Q: What type of payment method do you accept?

A: We accept Credit Card, Paypal, PayNow and Direct Bank Transfer.

Q: Can I make payment when I pickup the order?

A: We are sorry, our company policy is to start process the order after receiving payment.

Q: Why I should not use GIRO when paying by Direct Bank Transfer?

A: To avoid delay, don’t use GIRO.

Our policy is to process after receiving payment, transfer by Giro, bank may take days to process the payment.

Therefore when making payment by Direct Bank Transfer we recommend to choose Fast Payment or Fast Transfer, or some option that will transfer the payment immediately to our bank account, so we can start process the order.


Q: How do I get refund?

A: 3D printing services is made to order, it can’t be returned and refunded.

We only refund when the item is unprintable, restricted items, or some special cases after discussed with customers.

Refund we will made to the initail payment method, it may take few days on the process depending on the payment gateway.

Please note that the processing fee from payment gateway will not be refunded. For the payment made from payNow or direct bank transfer, $0.50 sur-change will be imposed for on the refund process.