3D Printing

Q: What is infill?
A: FDM Printing usually don’t print an object solid, instead we just printing in certain percentage of infill. This is to cut down printing time and cost. The higher percentage the infill is, the more solid the printed object is. Beside the solidness, infill also act as a support for the roof of the object, in some cases, printing without infill may causing the top of the part collapse. 20% is the most common setting to be used, it printed in shoter time and given a relatively sufficient support to the object top / roof.

Q: What is layer height?
A: The layer height define the thickness of each layer, 3D printing process deposit material layer by layer to form an object. The smaller the number of the layer height, the thinner the layer is, thinner layer heigh create smoother surface, just to take note it will increase the printing time significantly as well. For normal usage prototyping, 200 micron is good enough.

Q: When can i get my order if I place order now?
A: It depend on the size of your part(s), beside that number of parts and intricacy will also affect the processing time. 3D printing take times, it will be great to allocate sufficient time for the process, in case of fail print, it may take more time to reprint.



Q: How long will it take to ship my order?
A: Normal door to door delivery will take 2 to 3 working days after your order is completed.

Q: Why don’t mail with normal mail service?
A: 3D printed parts can be fragile, it’s better to handle properly instead of throwing it in the mail box, record provided by door-to-door delivery also a consideration.