Creality Carborundum Glass Plate for 3D Printer


• Easier to remove big parts from build platform
• Easy to clean
• Excellent Adhesion

This is a glass plate with a carborundum coating from Creality 3D. The Carborundum glass plate has very good adhesion, which gradually decreases as the temperature of the heating bed drops. The finished object can then be removed easily and cleanly.

Excellent Adhesion: High Microporous coating feature helps 3d printer build plate has excellent adhesive performance and the prints come off nice and easy without any level problem.

Easy to Clean: Just lightly wipe the Carborundum Glass Plate with water.


  • Ender-3 / Neo (235x235mm)
  • Ender-3 Pro / Neo (235x235mm)
  • Ender-3 V2 / Neo (235x235mm)
  • Ender 3 Max (320x310mm)
  • Ender-4 (235x235mm)
  • Ender-5 (235x235mm)
  • Ender-5 Pro (235x235mm)
  • Ender-5 Plus (377 x 370mm)
  • Ender-6 (290x290mm)
  • CR-6 SE (245x255mm)
  • CR-10S (320x310mm, 1cm longer at the Y axis)
  • CR-10S Pro (320x310mm)
  • CR-X (320x310mm)
  • CR-10 S5 (510x510mm)


Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
3D Printer

CR-10 S5, CR-6 SE, Ender-3 and Ender-3 V2, Ender-5 Plus, Ender-6, Ender-3 Max / CR-10S Pro V2