Black cube3

You may prefer the classy Black version cube3, a very compact and slick design 3D printer. [adrotate banner="5"]

White cube3

White version cube3, very compact and slick design, make sure your hands are clean when touching it. [adrotate banner="5"]

Sculpture carnival 2015

Dr Mohamad Maliki Bin Osman (Minister of State, Ministry of National Development & Ministry of Defence) visited our digital sculpting workshop at sculpture carnival 2015 [adrotate banner="5"]

Digital sculpting workshop

Printing model done by participants at our digital sculpting workshop. Visit us at fort canning Galeri Nila. [adrotate banner="5"]

Cube 3 in new shop

Black and white cube3 they simply match the colour scheme of our new shop. [adrotate banner="5"]

Cube 3 ready to travel

Cube3 are ready for our coming digital sculpting workshop at Sculpture Carnival this weekend. Join our workshop, chat with us see the printer. See you there! [adrotate banner="5"]

Cube3 test

Test print with cube3 today, we are impressed by the simplicity, ease of use and the print quality. This is printed with the neon green, on top of a iPhone light. [adrotate banner="5"]

Different 3D printer

TT a character from Sockaroos series by Roomism Printed from different printers and materials. From left: 1. Projet 660 Pro 2. Projet 4500 3. Projet 3510 4. Makerbot Thing-o-matic Save & Exit [adrotate banner="5"]

Helmet – Darth Vader

Sculpted in Sculptris a Free digital sculpting software. Look for the 3D software that suitable for your need here [adrotate banner="5"]

Little Fox

Saw at somebody printed this beautiful low poly fox with their makerbot. Then I found a coloured version at 3D warehouse and printed it in full color with our printer. 3D Model by Corinne G [adrotate banner="5"]

Furry kid

Furry kid digital sculpt, preparing for next 3D print. [adrotate banner="5"]