No doubt the Creality printer is having good review from users, some modification may still needed. We modified our own Creality printers, usually will go for the least to print and easier modification solution. Some customers asking what have we modified and where to get the files, here you go, most of the mods can be found from Thingiverse.

Main Board Cooling Fan Running All Time

Not sure about the new Ender 3, but previously Ender 3 main board cooling fan is on together with the part fans, that probably not what we wanted, we want it to run all time as we don’t always turn on our part fan.

To make the main board cooling fan run all time, you just need to do a little rewired according to the image will do.

(we don’t know who’s the original creator of the image, just found it online)

Parts Fan Upgrade

Parts cooling fan is important, it change the print result significantly. There are many fan shroud at thingiverse can be dowloaded. We like the design of “BreezeBlock fan shroud” done by CoffeeOutlaw and yet I still prefer the “Radial Fan Fang for Creality CR-10” done by jneilliii.

So we modified the holder to suit the Fan Fang.
You’ll need:

  • 5015 Radial fan x 1
  • M3 6mm Bolts x 4
  • M3 16mm Bolts x 4
  • M3 20mm x 1
  • M3 Nut x 1
  • XH2.54 male terminal

We’ve prepared the set, if you don’t have them. Purchase at the link here.


Here are the links to download the STL files.

Download at Thingiverse

Download at Cults3D

Download at My Mini Factory


Ender 3 Filament Spool Holder Adapter

If you having limited vertical space, or you wanted to avoid the vibration due to heavy weight on the gantry, here’s the adapter Build It Full created to let you move your spool holder at the back of your printer.

  • M5 10mm bolt x 2
  • M5 T nut x 2
  • M5 8mm bolt x 2
  • M5 hex nut x 2

Print this model as it is (side way) no support needed.

Lead screw alignment

Printing TPU or Flexible materia

Some printer the Lead Screw is not align with the gantry. You may need this.

If you planning to print TPU, this is the mod you going to need.