Many of you should have using this “No brand” filament for your 3D printed parts. These PLA are produce by a China manufacturer which only selling bulk order to reseller or distributor like us.

At the year 2020 2nd quarter, some colour PLA of this manufacturer is having some issue which some colour are snappy, we’ve feedback to them and temporary stopped importing PLA from this supplier for around 6 months, and started importing from Hello 3D, during the period there are many customers enquire the stock of some PLA colour by this manufacturer.

We were glad that the manufacturer listen to the feedback from customer and improved their product quality. We’ve started getting their new production to test during April and May 2021 and full importing their PLA at June 2021. However some colour are very close to Hello 3D colour, so we will decide to keep getting from either manufacturer.

You can notice their new PLA are now not snappy at all, and almost neat winding.

Many manufacturer do not have many Pink and Purple colours it could be due to the low demand on these hue of PLA, this manufacturer is quite daring, provided different options of Pink and Purple which we think may fill the gap of the need.

We will also bring in some of their new Silky filament and Matte PLA. You can checkout their solid colour PLA below.

Up to the moment, including other filaments that we carry from Hello 3D, we have 73 different types of filament and colour in our stock. Will keep on adding more choices to our customer, please keep supporting us.