A customer bought our filament and asking how come the print turn out so bad. He was using the same print setting for their previous PLA wihtout any issue.

Kindly take note that filament made by different manufacturer may have different characteristic, they may need different temperature and printing speed to print.
Do some test print, adjust the suitable print speed, temperature and other setting for better print quality.

This issue can probably caused by:

1) Printing speed too high
Lower down the printing speed may help. We usually use 50mm/s on the general printing speed, outer wall around 25mm/s. Lower printing speed can have better print quality.

2) Printing temperature too low
Nozzle temperature need to set according to printing speed, if the printing speed is high but the nozzle can’t melt the material fast enough, it can have problem.

3) Forgot to add support material in the slicer
Overhang area may need support material in order to print properly.

4) Under extrusion issue
Teflon tube worn out can cause under extrusion issue. Replace one will help. Checkout Under Extrusion for more information.

5) Filament issue (rare case)
In this case we’ve got back the filament and done a test print, not filament problem.


Share with us if you having similar issue in the comment, what is the cause and how you solve it.