Points and Rewards

Q: What is point?

A: Points can be used to discount on the amount of an order.

Q: How do I earn points?

A: You can earn points when:

First of all, you have to login first before you do the shopping.

  1. Once you register at our website, we will give you 20 welcome points.
  2. Purchase in our website. Every $1 spent you’ll get 1 point.
  3. Write a review for our product to earn points.
  4. Send referer link to your friend(s), you’ll earn points when your firend(s) register with the link you sent them.
  5. When the friend registered from your referer link make a purchase, you can also earn points.
  6. Complete your profiles can also earn points.
  7. You will get birthday points, provided you completed your profile.



  1. There is no point issue to shipping fee, payment gateway fee, additional fee or anything not of a product price.
  2. Point also not issue to 3D printing service order.
Q: Is there any minimum amount in an order to use the point for discount?

A: The minimum amount of $10 in the cart is needed in order to use point for discount.

Q: Is there any maximum discount for single product?

A: Maximum of $2 can be discounted using point in a single product. If your cart is having 3 items, each of the item can discount maximum $2 with points, total $6 discount.

Q: Is there any maximum discount for an order?

A: Maximum discount of $12 can be used with point for a single order.

Q: Will my point expired?

A: Points will expire in 365 days.

Check your points here

Q: Can I use coupon and points together?

A: No, you can only use either coupon or points for each order.

Q: How to redeem point?

A: You will be promted at the Cart page if point usage is valid.

1) Click on “Apply Doscount”

2) When the system shows the point that can be used for discount on this order, click “Apply Discount” again to add the discount to the order.

3) You will see the discounted amount is deducted in the Cart Total when you scrow to the bottom of the page.

Q: Where to see my points?

You can see your point at “My account” page, under “My Points” tab.


• Points can not transferred to another account nor exchange to cash.

• Points can only be used at Build It Full website online purchase.

• Build It Full Pte. Ltd. reserved the rights to change the point system without any noticed.

• Build It Full Pte. Ltd. reserved the rights to ban any user who violated the system.